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What is Immigration?
Immigration is the act of coming to a foreign country to live. Throughout history, people have   moved from country to country for many reasons. Many immigrants have an easier adjustment if they settle near others from their homeland. Through the years, a number of large cities have developed ethnic neighbourhoods, many of whose residents are immigrants from the same country.

Does Australia practise a discriminatory immigration policy?
No, Australia does not practise a discriminatory immigration policy. Anyone from any country can apply to immigrate to Australia, regardless of his/her ethnic origin, gender, colour or religion. The White Australia Policy was got rid of in the 1950s and since then there have been thousands of immigrants from all over the world arriving in Australia to make Australia their home. Today Australia is truly a multicultural country accepting immigrants from all corners of the world to contribute to the richness and well being of the country.

Can you explain to me what the points test is?
Certain categories of visa applications require you to obtain a minimum total amount of points. Broadly speaking for a General Skilled Migration category of visa you are required to obtain at least 120 points to qualify for immigration into Australia.  If you are sponsored by an eligible Australian relative or Australian State or Territory Government, you must obtain at least 100 points to qualify for migration to Australia.

Who can qualify to migrate Australia?

  • Persons between 18 & 44 years
  • Managers, Administrators, Professionals with Degrees
  • Associate Professionals with Diplomas
  • Trades persons with trade certificates and/or extensive work experience

How long is my visa application processing expected to take?
Times vary depending on the visa subclass you chose, the workload of the processing centres and other factors. See: for general service standards published by DIAC.

Can you help me to change Course or Education provider?
Yes we can help you to change course or education provider. We do not charge fees for providing this service.

Can you help me with student visa cancellation issue?
Yes we can help you with your student visa cancellation issue. We can represent you at Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) as well.


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